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Ransomware such as WannaCry only succeeds where there is ignorance, lethargy, incompetence and arrogance! (15/5/17)

Why does Toyota recall 10 year old cars with faulty Takata airbags while Microsoft refused to fix a dangerous vulnerability in popular Windows XP Operating Systems?

Oldest Guy in the Room, (2/5/2016)

with the solution to the newest security threat - ransomware.

The choice is simple, (3/5/2016)

Low Cost Safe Certain Vaulted Backup or risk Ransomware Infected Backups.

Can Ramsomware Kill? (4/5/2016)

Yes, it certainly will in the future, by attacking medical appliances and using extorted money to fund terror!

What is safe vaulted backup? (6/5/2016)

Backup is the simple solution to ransomware, but it is useless unless “vaulted”, with too few realise that most backups are not safe from ransomware. .

Backup options and appliances (7/5/2016)

What are my backup options and how do I use these backup appliances to ensure the safety of my data.

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